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Formulated with the most advanced chiral technology designed to address skin discoloration & unevenness. A potent blend of botanical actives including kojic acid, L-arbutin, azelaic acid, glycolic & salicylic acid work together to increase cell turnover & treat hyper-pigmentation.

SkiN Fitness Pigment Lightener Gel Natural Alternative to Hydroquinone

SKU: 00002023004PLG0.5
  • Skin Types: Uneven skin tone, pigmentation & clogged pores.

    SkiN Fitness Pigmentation LIghtener Gel is formulated with botanical actives & lightening action to target hyper-pigmentation. The potent complex tyrosinase inhibitors listed below explain what each focuses on: Azelaic Acid: Skin lightening, inhibits tyrosinase activity. Kojic Acid: Skin lightening, tyrosinase inhibitor. L-Arbutin: Chiral skin lightener, tyrosinase inhibitor. Gamma Amino Butric Acid (GABA): Nutrient, skin lightener, antioxidant. Glycolic Acid Polymer: Promotes healthy glycine production/utilization for collagen & elastin, enhnaces lightening action, exfoliant. Salicyclic Acid: Promotes cell renewal, enhances lightening action. D-Cholic Acid: Reduces & regulates sebum production, inhibits lipogenesis, & emulsifies sebaceous lipids. Niacinamide: Antiinflammatory. Yeast Extract: Revitalizing skin moisturizer. Horse Chestnut Extract: Anti-inflammatory, toning. D-Panthenol: Emollient, hydrating, anti-inflammatory. D-Biotin: Healing, stimulates healthy circulation.

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