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The strongest post-procedure support. For all skin types. Activates the skin's ability to repair itself & improves the skin's barrier & unleashes skin's vitality. Accelerates the repair of damaged cells & shortens the problem cycle. The Recovery Set enhances protection, improves & strengthens the skin's barrier against external aggressions. It provides a soothing, deep moisturizer making every inch of your kin feeling & looking hydrated & cared for. It alo ctivates the kin's self-healing ability.

SQT Recovery Set

  • SQT Recovery Set is non-refundable. If there is a defect with the bottle, an even exchange can be made. This non-refundable policy is due to this item being a skin product & for health & safety reasons it cannot be returned or transferred to another individual, once the bottle has been opened.

  • There are 3 vials/bottles of the serum & 3 vials/bottles of powder that will need to be mixed (serum & powder vials), which provide 3 treatments/mixed vials (applied twice daily - am & pm - for 5 days). After cleansing the face (As per post-procedure instructions verbalized & provided in writing) apply the recovery serum to clean skin.

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